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  • Shaaron Fedora

What Matters Most

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

What matters most is that we accept the world ‘as is’ and that we accept our place in the world.

Granted, it’s a bit of a mess right now.  And there’s absolutely no point in asking why God lets this stuff happen.  God is us – we let this happen.

Science tells us that everything is energy.  Everything we see, hear, feel, taste or touch is energy.  There is no place or space that is not energy, even our thoughts are energy.  There is only one big ball of energy and we are all part of it.  We are inextricably connected – we are One.

It is known that when a butterfly flutters its wing on the other side of the world, the energy in our backyard changes.  What we do matters.

We didn’t just happen to fall onto this planet by accident.  It wasn’t a diversion for something to do on a slow day in heaven.  This was a planned trip and we made the plan.

We had a reason for choosing this place, this city, this country, wherever it is we now are.  That reason involves our purpose.  We also worked out who we needed to bring along with us.  These are the people in our lives.  We thought about what skills we would need to accomplish the things we came to do.  These are our gifts.

So you see, we came with our purpose, our gang and our gifts.  But now that we’re here, we seem to have forgotten it was our plan.  We look around and complain about what’s going on.  We complain about the state of our world.  We complain about our leaders, we complain about our neighbors, we complain about traffic.  Really, if traffic was such an issue, we would not have planned a trip at this time.

We chose to come at this time – to be here in the middle of the mess we’re in right now.  We chose this.  Could it be that we came to help?

We have a right and, maybe even, a responsibility to be who we are, to be where we are and to add our gift to the world.  What we do matters.  It’s time for each of us to stand up and take on the work we came to do.

I have no idea who said this but it applies here, and I paraphrase:  Someone, let’s call him John, is looking at a mess and says, “Somebody should do something about this.”  He looks around to see if anybody is going to step up.  Somebody ought to.  He looks around again.  Really, somebody ought to.  He waits, but no help arrives.  Slowly, the light comes on. He gets it! “Oh, yeh,” he says. “Somebody should to something about this AND I am somebody.”

Somebody needs to take up the work that needs to be done now and that somebody is us.

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world or how large or how small our sphere of influence is, what we do matters.  We can all do the important things.  We can add love, kindness and peace to the world.  That is no small thing.  That is about the most important thing the world needs now.

Never think that your gifts are not up to the task, that your contribution would make little or no difference.  That’s a cop out.  You are enough. Your gifts are enough.

It’s time to step up and share your gift with the world.  Otherwise, why did you come?

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.
- Pablo Picasso
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