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Shaaron Fedora has written many stories touching on spirituality for and about children, gentle souls who have incarnated on Planet Earth, or at least contemplated such.


Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (some time ago), Shaaron spent her early years on her parent’s farm, moving to the city for high school.  Shaaron was part of a large family, a close-knit family that, as adults, remained close to the point where family and friends were synonymous.  Over the years the family (all except one) moved to British Columbia on Canada’s West Coast.


Shaaron is a mother (4 daughters & 1 son), grandmother and GG.  If you live long enough the next generation gives you the snappy title of ‘GG’, which Shaaron prefers to great-grandmother.


Her stories reflect on the spiritual aspects of the human condition. They are gentle stories giving children a feeling of being safe in the world. They convey the message to children and adults alike that our lives have purpose and, in fact, our lives are part of a plan that we, ourselves, had a hand in making.


Shaaron is a writer, an author, an artist of sorts, a designer/decorator, a home renovator.  She appreciates beauty in all its manifestations, including the beauty of order. She’s a Virgo! She’s been accused of being a neat-freak and it’s been said that even the food in her fridge is organized.  She likes it that way.


Shaaron is now retired and lives in Coquitlam BC.

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