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The Loneliest Teddy Bear is a beautiful and tender book that bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth.  It helps to explain the connection of our loved ones and our souls both before we enter this world and thereafter.  It’s a lovely story filled with peace and comfort.  For anyone who is dealing with grief and loss or craves a deeper understanding of our soul’s journey, this is a poignant and touching story as told from the perspective of a little teddy bear. 

The gentle words and beautiful illustrations on these pages, take you through the range of emotions that goes along with making a deep and beautiful bond – that forever connection with another being. 

When the connection is unexpectedly broken, one must find a way to carry on.  This is a story of love, loss, profound grief and learning to trust again.


Sometimes, our dreams can seem so real that we think they are really happening. Jeremy, the little boy at the center of this story, experiences this phenomenon when he wakes up one morning to discover that something very strange has happened.

He calls to his mother for help, but when she doesn’t see what he sees, Jeremy must seek guidance from the oldest and wisest friend he knows – a tree. While taking him on an imaginative adventure, Tree helps Jeremy decipher the hidden message behind his transformation. 

At the same time Jeremy discovers his deep connection to nature, the reader is reminded of a universal truth that is easy to forget, especially as we grow up.


This is the story of Pippa and Sarah, two baby angels who had hoped to be together forever.  While the Earth Family was eagerly awaiting their birth, the Universe took them down a different path where one twin would not complete the journey. 

That day was heart-wrenching for the Earth Family.  They were torn. In one singular moment, they knew both deep sorrow and profound gratitude.  It was unfair and it hurt. 

But there are no mistakes.  Sarah’s journey fulfilled her soul’s purpose and her life is an eternal part of All That Is. The bond of love between this side and Heaven is not broken.  Sarah lives there in spirit and she lives here in the hearts of all who love her. 


Pippa & Sarah will be together forever.   The story affirms it.


This is the story of a Baby Angel and how it was she came so very briefly to visit Planet Earth.

That day, the day when Jemma was born and returned to Heaven, was heart-wrenching for the Earth Family. They loved her and they lost her in one brief moment. Their hearts were wounded. It was unfair. It was final and it hurt.

But there are no mistakes. Jemma's brief journey fulfilled her soul’s purpose and her life is an eternal part of All That Is. The bond of love between this side and Heaven is not broken. Jemma lives there in spirit and she lives here in the hearts of all who love her.

Jemma is. Always and forever.


Choose Good Thoughts.

Color Your World Happy.

This book of powerful affirmations for children – with pictures to color on each page – reminds us that everything starts with a thought, then comes a feeling, then comes the doing. 

The pictures are pauses giving the affirmations time to settle in the heart of the child who is coloring his or her world happy.


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